Meet Iana Dixon - your favorite freelance SEO expert who cares.

My name is Iana Dixon and I’m freelance SEO expert and the owner and creator of Iana Dixon SEO Services.

I am a certified, experienced SEO expert. I am a reliable, self-motivated, analytical, and results-oriented professional. I embody the dive deep concept and use data to drive decision-making. My clients come first and I pay strong attention to details and trust-building with them.

SEO is a complicated and constantly changing game. This is the reason why I adore it. SEO makes me never stop learning and practicing, learning and practicing. It gives me an unbelievably strong feeling that I am developing as a personality and as a professional.

How I became a Freelance SEO specialist?

I started practicing SEO back in 2017 when I decided to open my own handmade jewelry business. For years I learned a lot about SEO and content writing. I was buying expensive SEO courses, discovering the best-paid SEO tools. I constantly learned and practiced, practiced, practiced.

Iana Dixon - freelance SEO consultant or business woman?

Being a part of the handmade community I have helped my fellows creators to optimize their websites. I have provided competitors research and analysis, keyword research, On-Page optimization, Content writing, Internal and External links building. It is Tested. Proven. It works!

Amongst all my SEO projects, I am the proudest of my own WordPress website,, that I personally created from scratch and SEO optimized. It has been ranking beautifully, and most important of all, it has brought organic traffic and sales.

Are you interested in my SEO services? Then you should know this.

When I start working on a project:

  • dive deep and learn about your needs and your industry as more as possible;

  • create an effective strategy accordingly to your business needs;

  • handpick every keyword accordingly to your request and/or write content that resonates with your audience specifically;

  • provide Domain Overview and Site Audit to help you to understand what issues may cause the website to rank;

  • I never cut corners and provide solid services that can be nothing but beneficial to you.

"I guarantee that I have more than enough SEO knowledge and skills to build online visibility for your business. I know what strategies and tactics to use to reach your goals. I am proud of my experience and achievements."

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