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Custom order for Elena 10/31/2022



Custom order for Elena 10/31/2022

Dear Elena,

  1. I will provide the following SEO services for your website:

–      Optimize 16 pages that require focus keywords and meta descriptions.

–      Move your blog posts to Pages or add them to existing articles about your services, making them more informative and helpful for your current and potential clients.

  1. I will write SEO-optimized content for Tattoo for Tummy Tuck Scars page and Areola Tattooing Page (up to 500 words each). Each article will include an interview with you, SEO-friendly titles, H1, H2, H3, meta descriptions, picture optimization, focus keywords and internal linking, and content uploading.


  1. I will verify your website properties on Google Search Console and submit a new sitemap once we finish this project.


  1. I already uploaded Skin Tone Tattoo for Vitiligo article and worked with the Consultation Page.


  1. I will create and upload digital press graphics accordingly to your press release data. It will include 3-5 logos of digital mass media who picked your press release.

Expected delivery of this order is in 15 business days.


Final reports of project completion will be provided in 5 business days after the project delivery.