Meet Iana Dixon - your favorite freelance SEO expert who knows and cares.

I gave my business my own name because I am confident in my knowledge, skills, and business reputation. I know I can bring results, helping small businesses improve their SEO. Iana Dixon SEO Services is here for the most demanding business owners who values high standards of services and demands the best.

Before I created IANA DIXON LLC, I was struggling myself with SEO for my handmade jewelry website. Then, through hard wok and determination, it happened.
I found some fantastic SEO courses, learned a ton about it, spent dozens of hours researching keywords and op-page optimization practice, got certified in digital marketing and brought my own handmade jewelry website to top positions in Google. Yay!!!!

... and then...

I have helped a few handmade business owners to create their own WordPress websites from scratch and did SEO for their websites. And voila! It worked! They were ranking in the top 100 in Google and some of their listings were on page #1!
I began wondering if I could share my knowledge and experience with other small or handmade businesses. After seeing my own results I decided I should do it 100%.

But then I started thinking what could I offer my customers? What kind of results can I bring to people who are struggling with SEO as I was before?

SEO courses, tools, and own website are VERY expensive and require quite an investment. But I took this risk and started my new business from scratch. I personally brought my own website ianadixonjewelry.com and few others to success. I know what to do and how to act. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge, analytical skills and dive deep ability with you.

Yes, the tools I use are outrageously expensive, but I know they work and they are very helpful. I am a certified professional and know how to squeeze the maximum out of it.

I feared that no one would be interested in my services and they will prefer to hire bigger companies. But I was wrong. My services are now in demand and I am sharing my knowledge, experience and passion with research and analysis with other small business owners like you.

Through it all, I released my first services line and the response has been epic!

Topics I Can Help You With


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Customer Persona Identification


SEO Strategy


Digital Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing Strategy


SEO Copywriting


Digital PR


Website Analysis


Technical SEO


On-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO


Local SEO


SEO Project Management


Shopify SEO Services


E-Commerce SEO Services


Email Marketing

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