SEO Audit Company: Connect with Iana Dixon and open a gate to your website's potential by doing a Site Audit. Once you fix all errors and properly optimize your website, you may start ranking pretty soon. Of course, it will depend on the keyword competition level, but you will have considerable chances to achieve your business goals, increase website traffic, and, hopefully, conversion.

SEO Technical Audit Service: why do you need it, and why is it important?

Our SEO technical Audit Service will help you make a first step in website SEO optimization. We will provide Technical SEO, backlinks, and content analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Also, we will ensure that your website has no problems or warnings so search engines can find, index, and rank it.

  • We will find and remove harmful backlinks that can lower your website’s performance and hinder its ranking. We will make sure to keep only high-quality backlinks for better results.

  • You must submit your website to major search engines for better visibility, performance, and ranking. We will do it for you.

SEO Technical Near Me: why do you need it, and why is it important?

Iana Dixon Advanced SEO and Copywriting Services will provide an analysis of all the factors affecting your website’s search engine visibility. Site analysis gives an exclusive insight into any website.

While being conducted, all the pages found on your website are crawled through. A report will then be provided giving an overall SEO health score, visualization of data, all possible SEO issues are flagged, and information is provided on how this issue can affect your website from ranking with recommendations on how to fix them.

In other words, in an SEO Site Audit, you can figure out numerous crucial errors and warnings that can cost your website ranking.

A site audit can discover the following issues:

  • broken internal links

  • duplicated content

  • duplicate tags

  • missing or duplicate meta descriptions

  • missing or duplicated H1

  • broken internal or external image links

  • no descriptive anchor text

  • pages blocked from crawling

  • pages with slow load speed, and many more.

And this is just beginning. There are a gazillion factors that can affect your website. But that’s why we do an audit first. We will identify problems that can be fixed by you or your tech guy.

Technical SEO Consultant: our professionals will prepare the ultimate technical SEO report and recommendations how to fix it.

Technical SEO Consultant: Our SEO expert will manually prepare a report and provide you with all website links that have errors so then you can fix them.

A website audit is crucial to do at least 2-4 times a year. It is essential to know how your website functions and if some critical errors and warnings can cost you ranking. It helps you to avoid them since your product/services are outstanding and deserve to be discovered.

Technical SEO Service: We will provide you following services

We will provide you with a professional Site Audit of your website to detect crucial errors and warnings that can prevent your website from Google Ranking. There are many site audit tools, but we utilize the best and most professional ones. Our favorite site audit software is SEMRush. We will provide you with a professional and comprehensive Site Audit report that will include links to pages with issues. The SEMRush site audit tool is #1 in the industry, and you can trust it.

Iana Dixon's SEO professionals will provide you with a complete website audit and inform you about all issues.

We will give you a full report with page links to tell you about every issue and provide suggestions for fixing it.

We are site audit pros. We know what is important to you and will honestly notify you about any detected issues. All documentation that is provided to you with audit results will help you understand and fix errors that your site has. If you feel that you cannot correct it, we will gladly help you, or you may hire a tech person who will fix all technical issues for you.

Let's discuss some crucial errors that can affect your ranking. That’s why you need a Site Audit.

Duplicate content – means that few pages have the same product or service descriptions. So what then?

There were times when Google penalized websites for duplicate content. Great news, they are no longer practicing it. But still, it is very bad for your website. Imagine that ten pages on your website have the same description, so Google doesn’t understand what page to rank because they are identical. Instead of having ten ranking pages, you have only one or none. It is pretty devastating. Yes, it takes a lot of work to create unique content for every page, but we must follow Google’s rules to see a positive result.

The next very common issue is H1-related. A couple of the most common problems are Duplicate Content in H1 and Title Tags or Missing H1.

If you have Duplicate content, rewrite it and create a unique H1 that contains your targeted keyword. If you are missing one – please make it accordingly.

You should use only one H1 in your description because multiple H1s may confuse your users, and they will just quit your website and never discover your excellent products or services.

Instead of overusing the H1 header, use H2-H6. Your users will love it, and Google will be pleased.

Missing title tags and Duplicate title tags are the most common issues. Please pay special attention when creating it.

Also, your title tag can be too short or too long, which is not good. Please make sure your title tag is about 75 characters.

Possible Title Tag issues. Each title tag must be unique and contain your most crucial longtail keyword. Obeying this rule is vital.


Technical SEO Agency: know your website issues and fix them ASAP.

This list is not all of the possible issues a Site Audit can detect. There are many more issues that can affect your website ranking. So a Site Audit is highly recommended at least once a year to make sure your site is error-free. Having us conduct a site Audit is a great thing because you will be not only notified about possible issues but will be advised on how to fix them.

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